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Central Pennsylvania's Premier Dog Waste Removal Service

Dog Waste Removal

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Let Us Clean Your Dogs’ Mess

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with your dog’s bathroom habit. Count on Mr. Scoop in Central PA for premier dog waste removal services. We are here to offer guaranteed dog waste removal to give you a yard that looks and smells amazing at all times.

Have a Dog- and Human-Friendly Yard

Do you love playing with your furry friend at home but also want to keep a well-maintained backyard? Have the best of both worlds by scheduling our dog waste removal service. We will come to your home, scoop out the animal waste in your yard, and place it outside of your garage or dispose of it in your outdoor trash can. We only remove dogs’ waste from your yard and not from your property.

Mr. Scoop Service Van

Learn More About Our Scooping Service

Having a yard free from animal waste and stench is attainable with the help of Mr. Scoop. We are dedicated to providing you with convenient dog waste removal services. For more details about our pooper scooper company and the efficient services we offer, feel free to browse through our site or give us a call. We are more than glad to help you have a great time playing with your dog and a clean outdoor area at the same time.

Teddy, Fred Nell’s Dog

In Loving Memory of Teddy 1998-2012


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